Sunday, August 27, 2017

"Game of Animaniacs: Dotnerys"

Dotnerys is all about the dragons...

                                       Some girls got 'em, and some girls don't."

Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Best of ANIMANIACS & All the Rest

Hi friends!   

I need your input!  In June, I'm returning to my alma mater and have been asked to showcase some cartoons I've helped to make over the past 30+ years. 

So -- I'd like your help in choosing the cartoons. 

What are your favorites individual cartoon segments from these series?  












"THE 7D"


Please post the title or description or image or clip from the specific cartoon(s) you suggest. 

 And thanks in advance for your thoughts and input on this!

Friday, October 14, 2016

"THE 7D" -- Another Batch Of Images From New Episodes

More images from new "7D" episodes to premier in the coming weeks on DisneyXD:

"I'm Not Very Nice"
In a music video directed by Alfred Gimeno,  Hildy Gloom (voiced by Kelly Osbourne) sings "I'm Not Very Nice," written and composed by our "7D" series songwriter, Parry Gripp.

"A Royal Pain In The Castle"  
Written by Brad Rozman.  Directed by Charles Visser.
Grumpy is appointed substitute King for a Day and must contend with a saber-rattling Gnome King during a peace summit.  

 "A Sneeze in Time"
Directed by Alfred Gimeno.  
Sneezy is allergic to Grumpy's spicy Chilipeeney Peppereenie cheese.  In fact, it makes him sneeze so hard that he sneezes the 7D into the a time where Hildy has taken over Jollywood.  Our crew must sneeze back through time to fix the past in order to save the future.    

More New Episodes of "THE 7D"

Here are some images from additional new episodes of  "THE 7D" which will be premiering in the coming weeks on DisneyXD.

"Once In A Purple Moon" 
Written by Sherri Stoner, Deanna Oliver and Sindy Boveda Spackman.  Storyboarded by Doug McCarthy.  Directed by Jeff Gordon.  
When Doc is laughed out of the Academy during his lecture on  phenomena that will take place during an upcoming full moon, he vows to prove that his "Mooney Schmagooney Theory" is correct.  But strange happenings accompany the next full moon, which is not a regular full moon, but rather, "a triple-color full moon all the way!"  

"Water You Doin', Dopey?"

Written by Mike Loprete.  Storyboard by Kexx Singleton.  Directed by Charles Visser.  

Dopey uses his supernatural water-finding skills to leads the 7D on a desperate search for the Fountain of Youth in order to save Queen Delightful from an aging spell cast by Hildy Gloom.   


BTW, the voice of the audio book version of Doc's new "Encyclopedia Enchantica" -- re-titled as the "Encyclopedia En-Blab-ica" -- is provided by guest-star Fran Drescher!